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Enjoy the Flavors

On March 5, 2017, a day whose wild weather poured sun, rain, hail, rainbows and fog within a span of several hours, we lost a cherished friend in our acupuncture community.  Ray Rubio finished his battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, crossing over to the Great Next with courage and dignity.  He is now free from the pain and suffering of this earthly dwelling, leaving two beautiful children and a legacy within our profession that will continue in his honor.  While life goes on, it goes on just a little dimmer, for his brightness is sorely missed.

Ray was a force of nature…his never-ending supply of ideas, teachings and the most infectious laugh ever were a gift to those who knew him.   He founded the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, which organization has introduced me to latter-day luminaries in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine for infertility, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause, as well as experts in the field of male reproductive health.

He was also a wis…

The Art of Hiding and the Timing of Revealing

I’ve been attempting to write this blog for months now, and have been busy berating myself for not getting it done…all the while flummoxed at what the heck was keeping me in hiding on this project?  Then, in divine timing, I participated in a conference call with some fellow acupuncturists, a group of fertility experts who are dedicated to deepening our own experience with the Tao, from which Chinese Medicine was derived.  The topic of our conversation was to recognize the value and importance of hiding, where and when we each do so in our daily lives, and whether it was in service to our highest good.  Our teacher, Randine Lewis, is a lifelong student of the ancient classics of Chinese Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine.  She shared a beautiful poem by David Whyte entitled “Hiding”.  One line that struck me with validation was “Hiding done properly is the internal faithful promise for a proper future emergence, as embryos, as children or even as emerging adults in retreat from th…