The Art of Hiding and the Timing of Revealing

I’ve been attempting to write this blog for months now, and have been busy berating myself for not getting it done…all the while flummoxed at what the heck was keeping me in hiding on this project?  Then, in divine timing, I participated in a conference call with some fellow acupuncturists, a group of fertility experts who are dedicated to deepening our own experience with the Tao, from which Chinese Medicine was derived.  The topic of our conversation was to recognize the value and importance of hiding, where and when we each do so in our daily lives, and whether it was in service to our highest good.  Our teacher, Randine Lewis, is a lifelong student of the ancient classics of Chinese Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine.  She shared a beautiful poem by David Whyte entitled “Hiding”.  One line that struck me with validation was
Hiding done properly is the internal faithful promise for a proper future emergence, as embryos, as children or even as emerging adults in retreat from the names that have caught us and imprisoned us, often in ways where we have been too easily seen and too easily named.”
The key component of that sentence is “done properly”.   I realized that my busy work schedule and personal projects that are in the queue were “properly” taking precedence, and that this blog was in the works, just not yet in a Word document!  

We are still in the time of Winter, the season dedicated to nourishing our Kidney Energies, which are the foundational source of our energy.  Nature is a master teacher in demonstrating that now is the time to go inward, nourish, rest, renew, so that with the winds of Spring we will flourish and put forth all things newly budding…our ideas, projects, relationships, with vigor and clarity.  

And just as there is ‘non-doing’ in doing, so is there ‘doing’ in ‘non-doing’…that is to say, while focusing on rest and rejuvenation, also include activities that support our hiding.  Listen to some great music, dance, read, write, cook nutritious meals to share.  Take baths, massage your skin and hair with oils to create optimal sleep hygiene.  Take gentler walks or hikes in nature for your exercise …in just a few short weeks, your energy will be revving up for Spring.  And it may go without saying, get regular acupuncture treatments and, if needed, fortify yourself with herbs and supplements along with your great nutrition.  Acupuncture treatments for maintenance should be once each month; while in ancient times the prescription for maintenance was at the change of seasons, modern lifestyle provokes more insults on our bodies with EMFs, toxins, pollution that require a more frequent repair of our Meridian and Organ systems.

Until then, enjoy your properly done hiding.